How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Selling your car is not always an easy task. Some people get lucky and find a buyer within a few days. But often, it takes weeks or even months until you receive a phone call from a potential buyer. While you wait, you can use that time to add value to the vehicle and attract more offers. We’re sharing with you some effective tips that will guarantee a smoother sale with no headaches and a happy buyer.

Check for Issues

No one wants to buy a car with lots of problems – unless you have disclosed the issues. It’s always vital to be upfront to avoid getting accused of dishonesty. One of the first things that you should do is to ensure the car is working properly. If certain problems arise, you should list and repair them if you can.

A DIY check is simple and free. You can start with the exterior and then check the interior. Wipe the engine and ensure it is clean, but you do not want to steam-clean it unless you know how to do so correctly. Improper steam cleaning can damage the electric parts if you’re not careful. Another thing you can do is to top up the engine oil, as well as the coolant and washer.

Other essentials include:

  • Ensuring tyres are correctly inflated
  • Checking brake fluid levels
  • Inspecting basic electrics, such as lamps
  • Adding car mats
  • Repairing alloy wheel damages

But even a serious car enthusiast can miss certain issues, so don’t try to take a shortcut. Instead, pay the mechanic a visit and have the car checked for damages. Scratches and dents are usually expected for an old, used vehicle unless you have a vintage or expensive vehicle. And getting those imperfections fixed is typically not worth the investment, so try doing these repairs on your own. Nevertheless, most buyers will not bat an eye if you do choose to leave those blemishes.

car being washed and detailed

Clean the Car

Cleaning and detailing can make a massive difference in enticing buyers. Clean the whole vehicle inside and out thoroughly. It is a simple step but is absolutely crucial and should never be skipped. Just like when you sell a house, you want to make a good impression when potential buyers set their eyes on the vehicle. Therefore, it should be at its best, especially the first time they see the car in person.

Cleaning the vehicle also means that you remove all the possessions that will remind the buyer it is your car. Don’t forget to check the trunk, glove compartment, and seats. Take out everything that says someone else owns the vehicle.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

States and territories have their own definition of a roadworthy vehicle. For example, in Western Australia, it is required that vehicles in the following circumstances should pass a safety test before a transfer of ownership transpires:

  • You’re selling a modified car, such as those with a new engine or body
  • The vehicle is about to be state registered for the first time
  • The seller received yellow stickers, which are compliance notices indicating that the car is not roadworthy

For a complete list of the requirements, please visit Transport WA.

Have all the Necessary Documents Ready

Aside from the roadworthy certificate, you should also be ready to provide service records. Prospective buyers want to know that you have taken great care of your car. And one way to prove that is by showing service records issued at the proper intervals.

If there is still an extended or factory warranty, you may want to disclose this information to the buyers. You should also determine whether it can be transferred to them.

You may also want to include handbooks, manuals, and other paperwork. It’s vital to have certain documents organised, such as your vehicle registration, insurance card, and car title. If you have a car loan, take the time to speak with your lender. That way, you learn about the procedures on how to pay off the loan and get a clear title after the sale.

worker servicing car

Sell the Car Online

You already know that many people lurk online to find the goods they want to buy. So, it makes sense to head to the Internet and spread the word. You can post about the sale on your Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platforms. You can also go to specific pages or accounts where individuals can share their vehicles for sale.

It always helps to include a good set of photos of your car. Be sure to avoid flashy or busy backgrounds, which no one will find appealing. Keep things simple but ensure that you are as detailed as possible regarding the vehicle. As you highlight the good characteristics of the car, you should not leave out the bad, so the buyers will not find surprises when they see the vehicle in person.

People placing an ad online often make the serious mistake of forgetting to add their contact details. Don’t do the same thing. Double-check your post before publishing it and confirming that you have included how they can contact you.

However, such online sales can have their drawbacks, from tyre kickers to low ballers, you may have to spend a fair amount of time negotiating and talking to people who will never truly pay the value you want for your car.

Sell to a Car Buying Service

For a quick, guaranteed sale, you can seek a car buying service online. It’s the most convenient option available rather than finding a private buyer that can take months. Going to a dealership is also not worth the time if you want to maximise the profit you can get from the sale.

A car buying service offers a better deal and an overall pleasing transaction experience. But don’t just settle for any car buyers out there. Sell your car to We Want Your Car WA. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website to get things started.

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